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ALK Alters
3 min readMar 7, 2020

From time to time I want to highlight and post a few cards that I play or see played in Commander that are underrated, at a nice value, and just aren’t really getting the attention I think they deserve. These won’t be the flashy mythics or the top-ranked EDHREC staples of the world, just some things I think you should consider:


Just look at that sweet Elesh Norn art.

In an era where mana costs are getting slimmer and slimmer, 4- and 5-mana Wraths are becoming more and more in vogue. Enter Rout, which hovers around a buck, has the anti-regenerate clause which is great for corner cases, and the added versatility of being able to be cast at instant speed.



Sculpting Steel and Copy Enchantment are both popular cards, this Eldraine newcomer is both of them rolled into one! It’s below $2 and can pop down as one of the best cards on the table. Just don’t copy a Rhystic Study or your friends will get into a big argument and it’ll be an uncomfortable meme in your playgroup… not that I’m speaking from personal experience.

Diligent Farmhand

Speaking of mana costs getting slimmer and slimmer, getting your ramp lower on curve is very important, especially if your commander costs 4 mana. Yes, this costs three mana over two turns, but a 3 mana option like Cultivate won’t cut a turn off of casting a 4 mana commander like Diligent Farmhand will. Farmhand is also a creature, which means that it has a high amount of synergy with a number of strategies. Plus it makes all of your Muscle Bursts better ;)

Skyshroud Ranger/Sakura-Tribe Scout/Walking Atlas

Speaking of ramp, these days making extra land drops is becoming a premium effect. Burgeoning is expensive, Azusa, Oracle of Mul Daya, and Exploration are much moreso.

These three are cheaper options that do a really good job of mimicking Exploration. Walking Atlas is especially great for non-green decks that draw a ton of cards, as it can let you hit two lands a turn. Plus despite what the card’s *only* printing says, it is an artifact, which gives it all sorts of great synergies!

Good pickup of the time period

Idyllic Tutor is still sub $5 for what was a $30 card before reprinting. If you’re playing enchantments or planning on playing enchantments I’d pick this up.

Wow you made it to the end! Thanks so much for reading, and if you want to see more like this let me know on Twitter at @altersalk or even support my work at my Patreon.



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